I wish I had more time to post on this blog. School and little time that I have for my friends is keeping my very busy. Especially since this is second semester and we are getting closer to finals. So let me sum up what is going on in my life. There is homework, friends, work, and love.



This is the first time, I felt this way about someone. Is it what I think it is?

Here I am sitting in my dorm and doing nothing, but writing here and listening to music. I could be working on the podcast. I feel real bad because I hate to leave things unfinished and sorta kinda have been neglecting it. Sorry. I have had so much school work to do and I think hey I’ll do it during the weekend, but I use that for fun with friends as well as R&R. This semester has been way better than last one. I have made so many new friends and stuff. They are really cool and they always like to include me in things. I mean I have my best friend who includes me in everything, but I also have friends who include me when they want to and others who include me when they NEED something. This year everyone has been great.

I watched the USA-Mexico soccer game yesterday. I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time. They US came out with a 2-2 draw against Mexico. They have been undefeated against Mexico in their last ten meetings 8-0-2. The young prospects on both sides were great, some more than others. Jozy Altiodre of the US got his first start as well as his first goal for the US. Overall the US had a ok performance, a lot of it was choppy, but they pulled together and got the tie.
So my roommate has been asking me for a lot of help on how he should pursue this girl he likes. When he began to ask me, I didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t want to make him do something stupid because I am definitely not a dating expert. He even one time referred to me as Hitch, as in the movie starring Will Smith. When he said that I was so surprised and didn’t really go right with me. I mean I have had my fair share of getting friends to date each other, but back in junior high school and high school. There isn’t much to say about that. Recently he feels as if he has been getting shut down by her. This worries mean, I mean he doesn’t seem to be blaming it on me, but he keeps asking me for help. As I write this, I am giving advice!

I really wish that I had more time. The podcast is coming along VERY slowly due to college life.  I’m hoping to be more aggressive about the podcast this upcoming weekend. Classes are great, friends and family are great, life is fantastic!

So I’m finally home. Finals week is over and I’m home for Christmas break. It’s so nice to be back and not have to worry about finishing an essay or anything like that. My very last final, which I had this morning, was my Chemistry final. I decided that I wasn’t going to bed. I stayed up until 8:00 a.m. to go to my final. I have not slept since yesterday morning. That was kind of a bad idea. This final only had 25 questions. So I just thought I could go get this done really quick and get out. Well I went to take the test and I finished in 15 minutes, BUT the professor decides that no one can leave until 35 minutes after. I should have slept last night. Since I fished my test in 15 minutes, I had to fight myself for 25 minutes and prevent myself from falling asleep. My head literally went flying in every direction and I was lucky enough to keep myself awake, barely.

So I’m a avid soccer fan, in which SOME of you MIGHT know? I think. Well anyway, I sent a question in to an online show that’s put up by the MLS, Major League Soccer. I asked them about Hideotoshi Nakata coming to the United States to play. I was watching it at about 2 in the morning and I remembered that I sent a question in. When it came time for the rumor mill and fan mail I was still tired and didn’t really care. But then next thing you know I hear, “Carl Lee” and I’m wide awake for the next 30 minutes. It happens around 8:25, and I don’t even know why I am so excited about this, it’s small, but hey, I like it. So here check it out.

Oh and about the podcast, it should be coming in the next two posts or so. Thanks to Rich Pav, he helped me a bunch with making a Podcast, thanks Rich.

So I was thinking about what I should do on my blog. I’ve taken a page out of Rich Pav’s book, he’s Herro Flom Japan, and I think I want to start doing podcast. I would love to share things by audio, maybe even video. I would try to do as many interesting things as possible, but I would be limited here, due to the lack of a video camera. I’m in the process of getting one. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out there? I need to know what I need and how to start one.

On another note, I had my Japanese final. It was really easy until it came to the カタカナ.  She used proper nouns, so I missed some of them. One of them was the whopper sandwich from Burger King I think and some other stuff. I still passed. I was pretty happy with how easily I was able to read everything, listen, and speak it as well. So my Japanese final is over and next year I will be continuing of course and I’m also starting mandarin.

I am in college and have been for almost a whole semester, it’s about two weeks from ending. Recently I have been thinking about how much I have neglected this blog. I don’t really want to, but I just don’t know what to put in here. I mean I love to blog among many other things, but my theme of on my way to Japan does seem to work. If I were in Japan I would have so much more I could write about, but I’m not, I’m in college. I mean yes, there are many stories I could tell you, but those aren’t the kind I want to share. So I’m wondering, how should I approach this problem? I want to have so really nice in depth blog posts and I want them to be read, how do I network my blog out to the world for many people to see?

Well the point I’m trying to make is that I’m going to try really hard to bring this blog back. I think I’ll share things of times with my Japanese Student Association group, things I’ve learned from than about Japan, myths of Japan I come across, a little Japanese entertainment like sports and music, and anything that I feel I want to share. Also I would if anyone could give me suggestions, the few that read, IF anyone reads this. So I’m hoping I can bring much more to the table.

I have to review an episode of This American Life


Episode: 295 Not What I Signed UpFor

This episode of “This American Life” surrounds people who have been tricked into doing something that they didn’t know would happen. Todd Bachmann the production manager tells how he was lured in by a nun and how she got him to invest in a charity. In the end he ended up getting tricked by a catholic nun. A woman, Marian Fontana, lost her husband during 9/11. He was a firefighter and after he died the city was going to shut down his fire station, but she wanted to keep it up. She was trying to get people to sign a petition and she was doing it by doing small interviews, appearances, and many other public appearances. She was going to make another appearance on E Hollywood when actually it was a show called Elayne and she was known as the Late Nigh Oprah. The theme of the show was actually called “People who have been to hell and back.” Mrs. Fontana did not expect this and had no idea that this is where she was going to end up. She did not what to say, she fumbled through her words, and just improvised the whole time in a very uncomfortable state.

The second half of the episode stars famous British author Nick Horny of books known as Fever Pitch, High Fidelity, and many more. This story is all false, it is from one of his books. It’s about a boy who never knew about where he grew up. When he was in class one day his teacher showed a map of Europe and he asked where his country was, the county known as Chompina. Everyone laughed at him. He went home and talked to his mother about it. He asked, “Well who is the leader of Chompina?” and his mom looked at him and responded, “Me.” He was completely surprised. He was talking about how he had to play soccer because there weren’t enough people in the country of Chompina to play, because it was such a small place. He was needed to play to save his country. In the end he was forced to play soccer for his country. He was the worst player on the team and his team was horrible. His team started to figure out how to stop the opponents from scoring. The second half losing 3-0 was the countries best half ever in international soccer. Even though they lost horribly, the country cheered them all on.

This isn’t how I actually would review the movie, it’s just they way i had to to do it for a class assignment.


Lost in Translation, this is a movie in which tells the story of a out of work, 40-year-old actor and a young fresh out of college female meeting in Tokyo, Japan. These two meet and they have one of the best time of their lives. These two have no sexual attraction to each other, though if they were closer in age there might have been, but there relationship goes far beyond that.  This movie is directed by the famous Sofia Coppola, with her raw talent and knack for writing she takes this story and runs with it. In this movie many things that we have learned in Introduction to Mass Communications about films can be applied to this film. This movie had one star and one star only, Bill Murray. Around him he has many actors, though not stars, but are known as trained professionals. They all provide support for his role. These trained professionals include Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribsi, and Anna Faris. Just to inform, during the making of this movie Scarlett Johansson was not the star she is now. Some claim that this movie was her big break into stardom. In this film the product placement was obvious and was not trying to hide itself. Bob Harris, Bill Murray’s character, is in Japan to do a shoot for a Japanese Whiskey known as Suntory Times (サントリ). So throughout this movie that whiskey is advertised because it shows him doing a photo shoot for it, shooting a commercial, and even drinking it in a bar scene. Suntory whiskey is in this movie many times, you have to be DEAD not to spot it. There is only one account of a stereotype in this movie. There is a scene in which Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson discuss why Japanese people switch the r and l’s when they speak English. Among characters there are no stereotypes, no one is playing a certain role in which people would expect them too and is obvious.  This movie is a good movie overall. To me it is perhaps my favorite movie of all time.

To begin let me apologize for this rant. I really need to let this out! Oh man am I stupid, to actually think that I stood a chance. And yes, I’m talking about a female! Man I really thought she liked me, and she expressed body language and she also said she can see us together! Today she didn’t really talk to me at all. After the whole thing two days ago where I just let her know how much I liked her! But then there is the ex-boyfriend! Man he gets on my nerves and gets in the WAY. There is ANOTHER guy as well, but he’s always mean to her, complementing her and then with that comes twice as many insults. So why not me? All I ever did was be nice to her, I really like her! GOOD GUYS hardly win. I really don’t want to believe it, but in my case it’s true. What do you have to do to get things done!? I know I’m in school and I need to focus on that, and I do! But I just really like her, I mean I don’t think it is a complete loss, but after today she just made me feel like crap! I really hope that I can be with her, because I want to. And today was crazy, I see all these couples and it makes me feel even worse. My two friends wrote a song saying how much I want to be with her and I kind of wanted to hear it, but in the back of my mind I knew it would make me feel even worse. Of course, when I do listen…it does hurt. I know if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. But it really sucks to wait and be ignored the way I was today, after a great weekend with her. I don’t know…is it not worth it? Should I just return to the way I was and just put my head down and let all the girls I like go. That’s what I was great at! I use to like MANY women. I never acted on ANY of them, I just let them be with someone else. Everything is the same, they all like the same guys. I use to not even care, like I didn’t need anyone. Until one day I realized that I do need someone! I really do!!!! So I TRIED! I was successful!!! I was having the time of life with this other person but alas it came to an end. And now I am bent on finding that here in college! And for some reason this one person makes me feel as if I should return to the way I was. Should I?